finalise how do i do it

  Keith Farman 16:26 26 Jun 14

strong text*strong text*Help please I have just burned a film onto a dvd for the first time , how do i finalize it so i can play it on my other machines,i have win 8

  mart7 17:03 26 Jun 14

Did you start with for example an .avi file,then converted it to a dvd file .vob and burnt it to disc? If so it is "finalised" and should play in any dvd player

  Keith Farman 17:23 26 Jun 14

I have no idea what sought it is but it play on the pc where i burned it , but will not play on my two other machines

  mart7 18:18 26 Jun 14

Open the burnt disc on the pc and post back what file type it is,i suspect .avi,.xvid etc

If so you need to convert it to a dvd file and burn it to dvd using something like "freemake"

By machines are you meaning other pcs or dvd players

  lotvic 18:35 26 Jun 14

in addition to mart7's advice:

"I have just burned a film onto a dvd"

Tell us what file type the film was and what program you used to burn it to a dvd.

  Keith Farman 22:19 26 Jun 14

i used win media

  Keith Farman 22:23 26 Jun 14

it say MP4 VIDEO

  mart7 23:41 26 Jun 14

Thats the file type of the film,so in reality you have copied the file to a disc not actually made a dvd,

It may be the "other machines" dont play mp4files

As asked previous are you referring to other pcs or dvd players

  Keith Farman 08:56 27 Jun 14

dvd player both panasonic

  mart7 11:02 27 Jun 14

That will be because the dvd player doesn't play mp4 files,you have to convert the film mp4 using software to a .vob file which when burned to dvd will play in your Panasonic dvd player

  mart7 11:06 27 Jun 14

A popular free converter which gets mentioned on here is Freemake link below

click here

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