Filters for Broadband

  Phphred 12:03 12 Mar 05

I have an amplifier for the ringing of my telephones (REN?) I also have “Caller display” on two phones. If and when I change to Broadband will these effect the filters that I shall have to install or is it still just one filter for every outlet?

  huzzar 12:42 12 Mar 05

You will need a filter for every outlet and this should not affect your caller display etc.

  xquest 12:43 12 Mar 05

I have an upstairs digital phone, a phone in the hall, a separate answerphone in the hall, a separate bell amplifier in the hall, and a phone by the computer in a back room. I am on Firenet broadband (512) and have 4 filters: One upstairs, one on the hall phone, one on the answerphone and one on the phone near the computer.
The bell amplifier has no filter. Phone reception is OK apart from a slight background hiss when broadband is connected.
I will try without the bell amplifier to see if the hiss changes - but not right now as visitors are arriving. Watch this space (Monday probably).
Cheers, xquest.

  Phphred 13:21 12 Mar 05

xquest, This amplifier apparently is called a "BT Extension Booster" and amplifies the phone line that goes through it up to, I think, 8 or 9 REN instead of the normal allowance of 4 REN and it cost about eighty or ninety quid!I had to fit it for my two "Sky Tv boxes" as the Sky Engineers could not do something or other and each of the Sky boxes are 1.5Ren. I have a spinkling of phones around the house!I think that I shall have to have a good sort out of them!
Thank you for the replies huzzar & xquest.

  Phphred 23:16 12 Mar 05


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