Files that will not delete

  jack O'lantern 17:07 08 Jan 11

Trying to clear Thunde bird from my system with all its old setting/data
The reason is that having changed ISP- TB keeps coming up with the old stuff and will not change.
So clear it and start over with a fresh copy of program.
Carried out normal Windows Delete ,also Revo, but still the old stuff gets in the way.
So carried out search and picked up 31 files of application and various others
Went to Edit /select all/Delete and got the message
'Cannot delete file cannot read source or disk'
So what's to do now?

  GaT7 17:17 08 Jan 11

Download & install the free Unlocker click here. Then right-click the file(s)/folder(s) that need deleting, select Unlocker & follow the wizard to delete.

Similar free programs click here, but I find Unlocker the best. G

P.S. Unlocker may come up as malware by your security program, but don't worry I've been using it for several years with no problems. It gets mistaken for another similar dangerous executable by the same name click here

  jack O'lantern 11:12 09 Jan 11

In tools folder.
As it happens, having left the machine in its 'refuse' state, when I returned I found it had eventually cleared- patience is a virtue they say.

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