files transfer to diskette

  lizzy2 14:41 31 Mar 03

Hi everybody!

I entered too many entries on a database to be able to back them up onto a diskette. What would be the easiest way to transfer this info onto a laptop with CD rom or zip drive? Wait for it, this info is on my first ever computer a Dell with FOUR megabytes of memory and a 40MB hard-drive. It runs on Windows 3.1 and I feel that it could now be retired to the side of our refuse collection point. It is important for me to be able to access this info as it is our customer listing from 15 years ago.



  Lú-tzé 14:56 31 Mar 03

Try pkzip - I seem to remember using it via DOS many years ago and some versions could span a number of floppies.

Or maybe the backup feature in Win3.1. Just be sure to have a means of reading the backup afterwards.

  tbh72 15:02 31 Mar 03

Yes, winzip with multi disk spanning is your best option, obviously DO NOT delete the original files until you have successfully transferred & checked that all is well.

  Legolas 15:04 31 Mar 03

Would it be possible to email it to your laptop and open/save it there.

  lizzy2 15:06 31 Mar 03

Forgive my ignorance, what should I type on the DOS screen just pkzip and the name of the file?


  lizzy2 15:46 31 Mar 03


I'm talking old, very old computer with no modem

  tbh72 15:57 31 Mar 03

Does the old computer have internet access or cd rom drive, or just a floppy drive?

Get winzip here:

click here

The above link is a direct d/l for V6.3 DO NOT click the above link unless like LIZZY2 you have a specific need for a Windows 3.1 version on winzip.

Lizzy, once d/l copy to a floppy & install onto the old computer, once installed follow the instruction to add the files you need into a ZIP archive, save the archive to the A: drive and check enable spanning under the options.

  lizzy2 16:39 31 Mar 03


No this is a 15 yrs old much used and loved computer (at the time) with only a floppy drive.
I have downloaded the file and will try it tomorrow. I didn't think it would be quite that simple (if it works). Somehow I expected to have to purchase a cable or some other sort of apparatus. I will let you know how I get on and hopefully will be able to click `resolved' on this page



  Switcher 17:25 31 Mar 03

Buy a laplink cable.

Connect from parallel port on old PC to parallel port on present pc ( or serial to serial).

Use laplink to transfer files.

  lizzy2 15:37 03 Apr 03

Many thanks to all of you. Problem solved.


  GroupFC 16:12 03 Apr 03

How did you solve your problem? I've got a similar one and have been following your post to give me some guidance. Did you follow tbh72 's advice or use some other?

By the way you didn't tick the box and post this query as resolved!


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