Files and settings transfer wizard

  steved 10:22 16 Jul 03

Have just re-formatted my hard drive, and used the 'files and transfer wizard' to attempt to copy over my dialup, e-mail settings etc via a USB memory stick.

Unfortunately when I try to load the settings onto my newly installed copy of XP I get the following message:

"An error occured while the wizard was loading your data. The wizard cannot create the data needed to save your settings. make sure that you have enough disk space available"

Any ideas? I have plenty of disk space, so what's the problem?


  Lozzy 10:39 16 Jul 03

Check the Path is correct.

  steved 10:57 16 Jul 03

Thanks Lozzy - how do I check the path? (havn't used it before)

  Lozzy 11:06 16 Jul 03

Well for example in MS Word go into Tools then Options then the tab File Locations. Alter the Path in there from Save in C:/My Documents to for example D:/My Documents

Now you need to do that same exercise for all you programs as Windows defaults all saves to C:/My Docs..

Remember if you have Windows XP you will need to insert you name first.


C:/documents and settings/(your name or log in name)My Documents

For other log in users you will need to do the same exercise or there data will auto default to the C drive.

  Lozzy 11:24 16 Jul 03

Sorry Posted above to wrong thread. Still asleep!!!

When you go to reinstall via the wizard the path that will be showing will be from your pre formatted HDD. Alter it there to where you want it to go..

Appols about the above

  steved 13:22 16 Jul 03

Problem is, it dosn't get as far as letting me specify a path - it gives the above error message before I get a chance to change anything...

  steved 09:40 17 Jul 03

Alternatively, is there a way to manually extract elements from it? Was so trusting that I didn't bother to back up this info seperately, so I've lost my e-mail accounts and a couple of month's worth of mails.

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