Files missing on external hard drive?

  matt-few 20:20 30 Apr 09

I've recently used my Maxtor external hard drive to back up files on a friend's pc before reinstalling Windows XP. I only needed to backup 14.2GB of files, but it did take nearly an hour to do!!

Now, I've gone to use the hard drive on my own machine and in Windows Explorer, I see the hard drive is now called - Local Drive. I am unable to access any files or folders (of which I should have 200GB, mainly photos and .avi files).

Is it the file directory is corrupt / lost or something else. Will I be able to recovery any of the files?

Thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 20:28 30 Apr 09

Try renaming your problem drive ...

click here

  matt-few 21:03 30 Apr 09

I had already tried that, but have tried again now. I have changed the drive name and drive letter - the drive was also marked as "healthy".

However, now in Windows Explorer only the drive letter has changed as the drive name has reverted back to local drive.

I've tried to access the drive and message "G:\ is not accessible - the file or drive is corrupted and unreadable.

Any other ideas.


  Technotiger 21:28 30 Apr 09

Can you run Chdsk on that drive, if so this might be able to effect a here

Failing everything, you might still be able to recover your photos using click here this is a direct download, very easy to use and excellent at recovering photos.

  matt-few 22:13 30 Apr 09

I tried Chdsk via drive properties in Windows Explorer but no joy. However, started using recovery software and it's finding loads of photos - just what I wanted to recover.

Thanks for your help. I will leave it going overnight to recover all the photos. I've recovered files I thought I would never see again - thanks very much.


  Technotiger 22:39 30 Apr 09

Grreat, thanks for your feedback - hopefully you should be able to recover all your photos.

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