Files keep duplicating themselves

  wildhouse 04 Oct 12

Hi. Since I have had my computer (a year) runnning Windows 7, I find that files duplicate themselves and give themselves the same name with th addition of a (1). This doesn't happen every time but frequently. It happens with all types of files - music, photos, Word docs, etc. I continually delete them but they keep coming back. I don't have a back-up set up and it's not just files I copied from my previous computer it happens to. Any help appreciated as it drives me mad to be looking for something and seeing it there 3 or 4 times!

  northumbria61 04 Oct 12

This is how you may eliminate them the Microsoft way - enter link description here Or alternatively there are several downloadable programs which will achieve what you want - enter link description here

  wildhouse 04 Oct 12

Hi. I can delete the duplicate files but there are literally hundreds of them which keep appearing. I would like to know why they keep duplicating so that I can stop that happening in the first place. I don't (to my knowledge, unless it was set up in the computer by Dell) have anything set up to sync/copy but I can't stop it happening.

  bluesbrother 05 Oct 12

A few posts with similar problems here

Microsoft Forums

  northumbria61 05 Oct 12

It appears to be one of those irritating features of Windows 7 by adding "Libraries" to the system. It's nothing you have done wrong.

  wildhouse 05 Oct 12

I was wondering if it was to do with libraries - I seem to have loads! I initially thought (a year ago) it was because I had copied My Documents etc over from my previous computer (running XP) but as it happens with new files don't think that's why. Will peruse some of the posts bluesbrother has suggested in the forum.

  northumbria61 05 Oct 12

Ask Leo has information on Windows 7 Libraries that you may find interesting.

enter link description here


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