files dissapearing off ecternal hard drive??

  simonsup 18:55 21 Nov 07

hi i have recently noticed that random mp3 songs have dissappeared from my external harddrive.
I have an 200gig usb2 harddrive that i store all
my music on, about 30gig of mp3 albums etc.
when looking through my music libruary in wmp 11
i have noticed that some songs and albums have gone!!
i do a scan disc and defrag which it completes ok.
so i re rip the missing songs and a couple of days later random songs are missing again. the drive is only 2 years old, is it failing or is there something else causing this to happen.

My system is :
Amd 3400+ cpu in a gigabyte GA K8Ns mobo with 2gig of ram.
One 250gig internal harddrive.
One 200gig usb2 external harddrive.
creative xfi extreme sound card
Geforce 6800gs 512meg ram agpx8 graphics.
2 dvd burners.
1 usb2 tv tuner stick (haulpage wintv hvr 900).


  MCE2K5 18:59 21 Nov 07

Happened to me yesterday, Rang Targa up this evening, New Drive on its way.

Old Drive (2 years and 8 Months) Duff.

  MCE2K5 19:07 21 Nov 07

Go into Control panel, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer, Click System,
Scrolldown and look for Loads of RED Circles With White Cross, Along side (Error), Date, Source (Disk), Category (None), Event (7).
Indicates Broken Drive.

  simonsup 20:52 21 Nov 07

thanks there are loads od red crosses in event viewer, so is the drive bad? will a format cure it?

  MCE2K5 21:07 21 Nov 07

Re-Formatting mine would not cure it, That is why they are sending me a brand new Drive.

Also tried to do a Test Surface with Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8SE, It failed the test after 20 Seconds.

  simonsup 22:42 21 Nov 07

ok thanks for the advice.

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