Files to be written to CD

  Desert Andy 10:30 29 Oct 08

Hi, I am using Windows Vista. I wanted to write some files to CD using the explorer a while ago, however, never got round to burning the files. I no longer want to burn these files to disc, however, every time I start the computer, I get a little shortcut on the bottom right of the screen telling me I have files ready to be written to disc. How can I stop this please.

  Ex plorer 10:53 29 Oct 08

Hi With XP I had this annoying short-cut and its a while ago now as far as I can remember there was a folder in My Documents or sme where which I deleted the contents, or the whole folder.

  Covergirl 12:14 29 Oct 08

. . . . click the yellow box and (I think) it opens Windows Explorer at your CD Drive. If not, just go into Explorer and click your CD drive.

Once there it will show you files to be copied to CD. Select all and delete them.

This is like a ghost copy of the files you were intending to write - they're not sitting waiting on your CD drive - they are just like shortcuts on your desktop.

Anyhow, deleting them will only delete them from the CD drive. If you're unsure, just delete one at first, then check it's still in the original location. It will be.

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