files 000o chk

  the kopite 14:44 08 Apr 05

Hi Guys I have just removed a load of files with 0000chk to my recycle bin I am aware these are bits of files left over from scandisk but is it safe to deleate them Guys thanks kopite

  igk 14:56 08 Apr 05

There should be no problem deleting these files but if you are concerned just bung them in a folder (call it chk files) and see how things go for a few days or a week,if no problems then delete them.hth.

  woodchip 14:59 08 Apr 05

Well you cannot do anything with them so what good are they

  Yoda Knight 15:04 08 Apr 05

sumtimes they have recoverable data, but mostly theyre useless

  the kopite 15:04 08 Apr 05

Thanks igy I will leave them in my recyclre bin and see how ,my comp behaves I realise I can not do any thing with them woodchip but did not wish to just go ahead and deleat them as I was not sure what effect they would have kopite

  Jak_1 16:40 08 Apr 05

Just delete them completely, they are usually the result of an improper shutdown and unless you were working on something vital and irreplaceable at the time it is not worth the bother of even checking them. Deleting them will not affect any programs.

  woodchip 16:42 08 Apr 05

I have never noticed any probs after deleting any

  bluesbrother 16:50 08 Apr 05

I have (had) my complete music collection on my PC. After a bad shutdown I had 27gb of .chk files. So please do not tell me they were recoverable. I'm not even half way through replacing them.

  Jak_1 16:55 08 Apr 05

A bad shutdown followed bt scandisk should not convert any files to chk files! All chk files are, are bits of unsaved data on files open at the time!

  bluesbrother 17:00 08 Apr 05

I was having other problem at that time, though I still don't really know what happened. A lot of other folders were renamed with their Dos names as well.

  the kopite 17:42 08 Apr 05

Thanks everyone for your help I will just deleat them all kopite

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