File Transfers - Old PC to New

  Dellman 12:35 30 Nov 04

My father has recently purchased a new PC. He had been hoping to be able to transfer files/documents from the old PC to the new, by using Floppy Disks. However, some of the disks are not been read by the new PC extrenal floppy disk drive (Windows XP issue, I gather)

Is there a way to link the two PCs and transfer directly from one Hard Drive to the other? What sort of cabling is required? Is software required too? I'd want some sort of solution that is fairly easy to implement in view of his lack of PC knowledge.

Also, is there a way to wipe away remainder old files and programmes from old PC, retaining operating system and anything else, as appropriate, before selling his old PC to someone else?


  Jeffers22 12:44 30 Nov 04

Connecting via cable is one way, but how about a USB pen disk. 128Mb versions available from ebuyer for under a tenner. Dead easy to use.

To properly wipe the info you would need to download a little proggy that will overwrite the clusters/sectors where the data is. Try click here

  mattyc_92 14:16 30 Nov 04

You can use the USB cables by using the "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard". However you may need to muck around with the settings.... So the easiest way would to "burn" files onto a CD or DVD or use a USB Flash Drive that you can get extremely cheap and you can re-use it again and again like a floppy disk or CD-RW

  Strawballs 01:36 01 Dec 04

If you you do not intend on keeping the old machine then simply put the harddrive into the new machine as a slave or take it to a shop they should'nt charge much.

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