File transfer prior to pc upgrade

  Geoff1510 14 Dec 11

Hi, I am upgrading my PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 64 bit, and have a new CPU and extra RAM ready to have installed. I also bought a 1TB External Drive for storage. I was planning on moving everything from the existing PC which has three drives, C, E, and F, or should I just select and transfer the files I want to keep, and how do I go about it anyway?



  KRONOS the First 14 Dec 11

You only need to copy your personal files from your C drive the E and F will still work as is under Windows 7. Simplest way to do the copying is just to open the two drives,the C and your external and copy and paste anything you want to keep.

I am not sure if you are upgrading or doing a clean install of Windows 7, a clean install is best as it will mean a fresh PC which you then can install any programs that you use. Here's a program that you might find useful.Multi progs install.

  Geoff1510 14 Dec 11

Hi Chronus, Thanks for your help. Yes, it will be a clean install of Windows 7 which is why I want to clear everything that is currently on the hard drives. Do I also need to do anything to the registry?


  KRONOS the First 14 Dec 11

I not sure thatI understand your question in relation to the registry, so if you could explain more.

If you have any software installed on the E OR F drives it will not work and will need to reinstalled but if if the drives only contain your personal files then they will automatically be seen by the new install of Windows 7. Whereas Windows 7 will have most of the drivers for your motherboard,graphics card,printers etc it is wisest to get the most upto date versions from the component websites and storing them on your E drive so they are ready to hand following the installation of Windows 7.

Any further questions,don't hesitate to ask.

  Geoff1510 14 Dec 11

Thanks again Chronus,

The actual mechanics of the update i.e. installing the new cpu, RAM, and windows 7 is being done by my local dealer, but as he is hard pushed to find time in the pre-Christmas rush I'm just looking to do what I can to save him a bit of time. So I think I'll content myself with moving files to the external hard drive! Thanks again for your invaluable help, and a Merry Christmas to you!

  lotvic 14 Dec 11

Disconnect drives E and F before you do the clean install of W7. Only have your C drive connected.

  onthelimit1 15 Dec 11

Why not use windows own Easy Transfer? You will need to download the correct tool for XP from Microsoft link here. Transfer to an external hard drive, then install when W7 up and running. Moves all your files and settings.

  Geoff1510 15 Dec 11

Thanks for all your help guys, transfer is now completed!




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