File Transfer - Cheapest Option

  david4637 19:49 05 Mar 03

I wish to transfer an image file of my C:\ drive on my laptop to my desktop PC which has a CDRW drive so I can burn it. I have Laplink but it would take 10 Hrs to transfer by serial port being approx 700MB. Cheapest means of file transfer where it would take say up to an hour. W98SE on both.
Thanks for any ideas David

  Switcher 19:56 05 Mar 03

The cheapest would be laplink and accepting the time delay.

You could also buy an IDE to LAPTOP converter connection and connect the laptop disk to your PC and tranfer directly between disks.

  Pesala 20:14 05 Mar 03

I wonder if it is possible to install a laptop drive in a desktop computer or do they have different connectors?

  comox 21:21 05 Mar 03

IDE cable connector cheap and works great.

  woodchip 21:32 05 Mar 03

You can get what is called a USB bridging cable click here

click here

  david4637 15:21 06 Mar 03

Could someone give me details on connecting my laptop HD to the IDE cable in the desktop? Thanks David

  woodchip 23:24 06 Mar 03

I think the interface is different, do not think they make an adapter

  Switcher 23:55 06 Mar 03

Maplin sell IDE cable for £4.99 which has normal IDE connector at one end and Laptop 2.5" HDD connector at other end plus power supply plug.

Connection is quite simple but remember which end of laptop HDD has pin no1 (Red trace on cable goes to this)

Have bought one of these recently and found it very easy to use.

  david4637 14:44 07 Mar 03

Could I just ask one further question - I am using a serial port cable (9 pins - transfers 1MB per minute) would a parallel port cable be faster, if so how much?
Thanks for your helpful tips so far, will investigate IDE convertion cable. David

  MartinT-B 14:47 07 Mar 03


Based on topic, I was going to post a whole lot of freeware FTP links!

  anchor 16:27 07 Mar 03

I don`t know if £30 is too expensive for you, but have a look at my posting on this thread:

click here

It uses USB which is very much faster than either serial or parallel ports.

I can highly recommend it.

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