File Transfer

Hi Guys

What is the quickest way to transfer files between to PCs Network/parallel or other?

Cheers for help

  chub_tor 13:00 10 Mar 06

I use several different methods, on my two networked pc's I basically drag and drop which is very quick and easy. On non networked machines I have a 1Gb USB flash drive and I transfer machines from and to. Very rarely I use a CD or DVD RW

  CLONNEN 13:05 10 Mar 06

Depends whether your PCs are already networked.

If they are networked just turn on the File and Printer Sharing, share a folder or drive on each networked PC and you should be able to access each others shared files. It is very difficult to set up though. We gave up in the end and just purchased a proper Network Storage Drive plugged it into the Router and now we keep all our documents on it and every computer on the network can access it.

If your PCs aren't networked just use an external USB portable drive. We used a little Pockey Drive before we got the network which had a capacity of 20GB. Plug into one PC save the stuff onto it. Unplug it, take it to the other computer, plug it in, copy files off the USB drive and onto the second PC - Easy!

  anchor 14:55 10 Mar 06

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