File Transfer

  Stu1138 13:35 02 Mar 06

Does anybody know of a way to transfer music files from one PC to another without the use of the internet or a USB memory stick?

The PC holding the music files is too old to recognise the stick and requires a driver from the internet that cannot be put onto CD for some reason, and to upload the files from an internet address would prove to be too expensive with the limited monthly allowance.

I read somewhere that maybe using a router to connect the two PC's might work. Anyone with any ideas would really be saving my day.

  Xevious 13:37 02 Mar 06

try using a cross-over cable, that will eliminate the need to use a hub. you will, of course need to have a network card (NIC) in each machine. you will also need to share a folder on the machine, and ensure that you have disabled any firewall!

good luck!

  Xevious 13:38 02 Mar 06

sorry, that may not be that clear. ask if you need more details...!

  johnnyrocker 13:38 02 Mar 06

might be easier to put the old hard drive in new pc as slave and transfer to new machine,

secondly you could buy a 'caddy' click here plug old hard drive into it and transfer to new hard drive via usb from old hard drive?


  Stu1138 13:45 02 Mar 06

The computer holding the files is a PC, the destination computer is a Laptop.

I should have been clear about that initally, my apologies.

In regards to a network card, would that be an internal modem card? Or network card in terms of networking computers? That may be a dumb question I imagine, but I'm not great with these things.

  johnnyrocker 13:53 02 Mar 06

in that case my second option would be my favourite then you could also re formatt old hdd and use it for storage?


  Stu1138 13:55 02 Mar 06

Would a USB link cable not work? A PC to PC file transfer USB cable?

  Xevious 13:55 02 Mar 06

and, a network card is indeed "in terms of networking computers" - your laptop probably already has one... what operating system have you got on both machines?

  anchor 13:56 02 Mar 06

If both computers have USB, and you can run to £20, then this is your answer. I use it often; it is very easy.

click here

  Xevious 13:58 02 Mar 06

nice one, i didn't know these existed.
but that's pricey...
click here

  anchor 09:37 03 Mar 06


I had not seen that one; still cheaper, even when you include P/P, (total £8.34).

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