File is too large for the destination file system (External HD)

  Autoschediastic 25 Sep 11

Hiya, i have a 1TB external Hard drive & i am about to format this pc, ive got 200 gig of files which i need to keep and transfer to my External which is formatted in FAT32 so when i try to transfer a file bigger then 4 gig i get the old message "File is too large for the destination file system" now ive got 300 gig of files already on the External drive and i cant move them off it, ive heard there is a way to convert the external from FAT32 to NTFS without deleting ANY files, does anyone know how this is done please? im running on Windows 7 (64) Thanks

  lotvic 25 Sep 11

This might help but I would be inclined to have made a backup of the files that are on the ext drive first 'just in case'.

  Graphicool1 25 Sep 11

Take a look...HERE

  Autoschediastic 25 Sep 11

lotvic hi many thanks! whats concerning me is the reply to the suggestion on that link uve posted look below & see :-( Thanks so much

  Graphicool1 25 Sep 11


That guy obviously didn't follow the golden rule and 'Back Up' first.

  Woolwell 25 Sep 11

Please tell me that you have copies of these files somewhere else too. One place isn't sufficient.

  lotvic 25 Sep 11

Ouch, you're right, didn't work for someone and they lost all their data :(

If it was me, I would buy another spare HDD (internal or ext) so that I had room to move data to and to serve as another backup of files.

  Autoschediastic 25 Sep 11

Graphicool1 thanks for your link! im just getting it started but have a small issue, When i am prompted on the Command Prompt to "Enter current volume label for drive" my External is drive F: so what is it i put in command prompt? see pic pls


  Autoschediastic 25 Sep 11

woolwell no! ive got two 1tb drives and they are both almost full :-(

  Woolwell 25 Sep 11

If you have files that you do not want to lose then before going any further I would do as lotvic says buy another drive or keep on pc. You run the risk of losing them.

  woody 25 Sep 11

Do not do anything till you have made back ups!


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