File sharing - server service not started error

  Harrier man 13:20 30 May 05

Connected son's Windows XP PC to network and want to share files. On selecting the file sharing option in the file's properties, an error comes up that says 'server servise is not started'.

Forum articles and Microsoft support site tell me to go to 'manage' under My Computer, select 'services and applications' and 'services', then double click the 'server' entry and set the start up type to automatic. Trouble is, there is no entry called 'server'.

Another site suggests a firewall is blocking file sharing. I have Zone Alarm Pro but not sure where to look to check if this is doing the blocking.

Help anyone please.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 13:55 30 May 05

go in to help in zone alarm pro and look for something along the lines of network onfiguration
you need to put the ip adress of the incoming machine as trusted but i cant remember of the top of my head where it is so long since i have used zone alarm

  Number 7 13:56 30 May 05

Have a look here: click here

You need to enable File and Printer Sharing in your Network Connections.

  Harrier man 14:22 30 May 05

Thanks ZB but Zone Alarms settings were correct.

Thanks Number 7, this solved the problem. Interesting though how the file sharing got disabled. After son left at Christmas and disconnected his computer from the network, none of our optical drives would see the contents of a disc. From help given at the time by Andy SD, we managed to get the drives working after a fashion by disconnecting the file sharing. I wonder what will happen now?

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