File sharing recently disappeared from one PC

  wint 11:55 24 Nov 06

File sharing has recently disappeared from one PC in a friend's wireless network.

I set the network up about 6 months ago and all was well until 2 days ago. Don't know if this is linked but following a couple of power cuts, the laptop (Windows XP Home) is still able to see, access and work with the desktop's files but the desktop (Windows 98) now cannot see the files on the Laptop.

I know from experience that 98 & XP are not the best together but the network & file sharing has worked successfully for 6 months.

I have asked her to check the obvious (to me), e.g. shared files on each PC & McAfee Firewall settings correct.

Any other thoughts please?

  mgmcc 13:47 24 Nov 06

Check that the problem PC has a valid IP address, that it can ping other networked computers and be pinged by them, that any firewall software is correctly configured, in particular if "allowed" IP addresses need to be changed following the power cuts which might have changed the addresses allocated to individual PCs.

  wint 15:47 24 Nov 06


The tickbox in McAfee to trust network computers had become unticked.....


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