File Sharing

  stebinnersley 16:20 30 Mar 05

I have just setup a network between my laptop(wireless) and PC.

Everything seems ok. However how do i view my shared files? I have enabled file sharing on both pc's etc. But i have been looking in the my cpmouter icon but cant find shared folders?


  java.a 19:10 30 Mar 05

i think all you have to is right click on a folder that you want to share and click Sharing & Security when the properties box appears make sure you have the "Make this folder available on the network" box checked. Then (assuming you have WinXP) go to START> MY NETWORK PLACES and you should see all the files and folders that are being shared on your computer and on your laptop.

Or go to Start> Run> then enter C:\Documents and Settings\All Users then click ok. You should see an folder that says "Shared Documents" with a hand holding it click on it and you should see all the shared folders and docs.

  stebinnersley 19:36 30 Mar 05

already tried all that

  FelixTCat 00:20 31 Mar 05

I am confused. You say everything seems OK but the only test that it is OK, file sharing, fails.

First, make sure that both pcs are in the same workgroup but have different pc names.

Second, check the IP addresses. If the Network wizard worked, one will be and the other

Third, check that the firewalls will let traffic through in both directions for these IP addresses.

Fourth, you don't say how you connected them, but if by cable is it a cross-over cable?

  stebinnersley 13:39 31 Mar 05

When i say everything is OK... i have set up a wireless netwok, for my laptop. I am able to view folders from my PC and look at my laptop shared files... However i can't look at my PC shared files from Laptop.

I am able to see me PC icon in the network places, but when i try to open the PC icon, to look on my PC shared files. It says i dont have the permission.

So basically file sharing is working one way (PC to Laptop) but not the other

  Yoda Knight 14:34 31 Mar 05

Check the permissions for your shared folders on the laptop

  Yoda Knight 14:34 31 Mar 05


  stebinnersley 17:37 31 Mar 05

in my norton.. the address that is in the IP field is the same on both my laptop and my PC, after runiing the home networking wizard... IP:
and Mask:

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