file recovery

  Xevious 09:52 22 Jul 03

can anyone plz suggest name of good (free) software i can use for data recovery, i need to recover data that was deleted off HDD and out of recycle bin...

i know that "good" and "free" don't really come together, but there must be a proven product out there that will do a reliable job?


  Jester2K II 09:54 22 Jul 03

Restoration - click here

Bear in mind you might want to download this on another PC copy to floppy and then use or you might overwite the deleted info...

Nothing beats a good backup...

  Xevious 09:57 22 Jul 03

thx, i'll have a look. as it happens, it's not on my own PC - and have on NUMEROUS occasions stressed the importance of backing up all data, but do people listen??? i have half a mind for telling them to forget it, that'd teach them a lesson, but afraid i can't do that as it's crucial data...

i'll get the software and have a look, thx for the link

  -pops- 10:06 22 Jul 03

Can't have been that crucial otherwise there would have been a backup.

Like you, Xevious, I consider a backup to be absolutely essential to all computer work whether that be crucial, irreplaceable work or the system. Just a short time each week devoted to a full backup and doing a daily or incremental backup automatically is so easy to set up an carry out, there can be no excuse for not doing it. Even just a copy of vital information to a separate disk is better than nothing at all.

Like you, I would be tempted to tell them to forget it but, there are practical considerations!

It may be in idea to make them pay - just to instill a sense of importance. click here


  Xevious 10:20 22 Jul 03

you're absolutely correct. we can't stress the importance of backing up enough, but as you well know, we can't hold their hands.
i'm getting even more tempted to leave it and tell them that it's their own fault...sigh

thx for the link, i'll take a look

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