File and Printer sharing problems

  chapeau 14:52 15 Oct 07

My Desktop runs XP Home and my Laptop runs XP Pro, Following the MS Wizard connection has been established and the Internet works fine from the Latop. The Desktop shows the expected items including the Files marked to share on the Desktop.

However the laptop gets as far as Mshome and then after a pause says I maynot/donot have permission. I am logged in with administrator privileges. Where and how do I get this necessary permission. My laptop is running windows Firewall, I have tried switching it off and it makes no difference. It also has Norton I/N suite installed but the firewall is switched off.

Help please!!!

Prior to obtaining my new laptop I had in the past esttablished satisfactory communication with my old XP Home system

  mgmcc 08:31 16 Oct 07

Firstly, are both computers in the same Workgroup? The default for XP Home Edition is "MSHOME" and the default for XP Pro is "WORKGROUP". XP does support multiple Workgroups, but is is easier if your networked computers are in the same Workgroup and I'd suggest using a name of your own, not the defaults.

Secondly, when accessing network "shares" in XP *Pro*, it is normally necessary to be logged in to the local computer with a Username/Password that matches that of the XP Pro PC (or a User Account set up in XP Pro). More about that at click here

Any firewall software should be configured correctly to allow access to the networked computers. "Disabling" a software firewall doesn't always shut down processes running in the background and it can still be an obstacle to local network traffic.

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