File extensions when sending attachments

  billyliv 12:21 10 Sep 03

Hi, When e.mailing colleagues I need to attach a folder containing office 2000 'Word' Documents. The folder appears in the attach line as a .lnk extension. What is a .lnk extension and will they be able to open the attachment? Cheers, Bill

  Jester2K II 12:23 10 Sep 03

Lnk is the shortcut to the file. No the recipient won't be able to read the file because it'll be pointing to a file and is not the file itself!!

Spent days trying to get this into someones head once.

they need to attach the file and not a shortcut.

  stlucia 13:07 10 Sep 03

So far as I can see, you can't attach a folder to an email -- you have to attach each document separately by clicking on the paperclip, then browsing to find the particular document(s), highlight one or a group of documents, and then click Insert.

  Jester2K II 13:09 10 Sep 03

Oh yeah - misread that bit.

Do as stlucia says

  billyliv 19:25 10 Sep 03

Hi, thanks Jester2K II and stlucia. That has got that sorted out. Cheers, Bill

  Eastender 23:20 10 Sep 03

Another way would be to Zip the folder.

  Simsy 07:58 11 Sep 03

though correct, assume that the recipient is not someone else on an internal mail system...

You refer to "colleagues"... If you all have access to the same networks drives it may well be that attaching the link will be sufficient. It will be similar to posting an address to a website on this forum, but the address will be to the file/folder in question...

eg I often have to email collegues something on the "N" drive at work. We all have access to this drive so I just email a link to it.

This of course does bring the possibility of several people potentially changing the same thing, so you may want to consider making the item "read only" if you do choose this!

Hope this help,



  billyliv 09:43 11 Sep 03

Hi Simsy, Colleagues we are, but we are many miles apart. Thanks, Bill

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