File extension

  Mananin 23:45 23 Mar 03

I have been sent a genuine email with an attachment. The extension is ***.pps although the sender believes the file to be a Powerpoint (MS)file.
My system appears not to recognise the file and suggest using "Open With". I cannot find an application which recognises the file.
My system is Windows 98 with Outlook Express, MS Office and Lotus 123 installed.
Does anybody recognise the .pps extension? Suggestions will be most welcome


  AMD_MAN23 23:55 23 Mar 03

Your file is probably a PowerPoint show or slide file, and may just contain text, but in PowerPoint format. If you don't have PowerPoint 97, QuickView Plus or KeyView Plus will reveal the contents nicely.


  User-312386 00:03 24 Mar 03

you need click here which is power point viewer


  Mananin 20:00 24 Mar 03

Thanks Colin and madboy33, will try your suggestions.
Its surprising how far down the list my query is!!!!


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