file extension

  bazt 19:36 PM 06 Oct 11

Any of you encountered a file extension APC.Jpg

  tullie 19:57 PM 06 Oct 11
  bazt 20:15 PM 06 Oct 11

Tullie Thanks for the reply but I have seen this before abd cant make any sence of it, I have been doing some old pics from disc to slide show and encountered this extension dont know where it came from but nothing will open it.

  eedcam 22:23 PM 06 Oct 11

can you save and open the file example on that link

  bazt 09:09 AM 07 Oct 11


Not sure what you mean, but the file is a picture and is as follows

Name apc.jpg

  eedcam 09:57 AM 07 Oct 11

Batz on that link there is a sample image apc.jpg what I mean is does that open on your screen if so I would have thought your own files would. it opens on mine eithedr direct or saved.

  bazt 19:34 PM 07 Oct 11

eedcam The image APC does open.

  bazt 19:56 PM 07 Oct 11


not wasting any more time on this so to the bin it goes, thank you for you time and have a nice day.


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