file error when trying to open

  holligan 21:14 16 Sep 03

when i download a small file to desktop from a web says file not supported? and autoexe on similar one

  MAJ 21:53 16 Sep 03

Can you explain a little better, holligan? What extensions do these files have? Where did you download them from?

  holligan 22:01 16 Sep 03

a web page.dont know what exts are

  VoG II 22:14 16 Sep 03

What web page?

What does the file name end with like .txt .doc .zip?

  holligan 08:32 17 Sep 03

click here menu block paving then a spreedsheet

  Jester2K II 08:38 17 Sep 03

Do you have Excel installed?

  holligan 10:42 17 Sep 03

no, i just thought ud get it

  Jester2K II 12:51 17 Sep 03

You need the Excel Viewer then

click here

Allows you to read and print Excel files.

  holligan 14:21 17 Sep 03

youre to good,,,,

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