File duplicator remover

  Taw® 18:14 12 Mar 05

After a recent reinstal I have lost a useful little programme that searched the hdd for duplicate files and removed them. i got the info fom the pca forum but cannot find it under the search. The programme brought up a little window and you dragged the folder to be searched from one side to the other. It was free which is why i am looking it again

  Taw® 18:19 12 Mar 05

On seaching it was called dupelocator and the link was from Pesala, but no longer works.

  €dstowe 18:32 12 Mar 05

This it? click here

  Pesala 18:34 12 Mar 05

DupeLocator (85K) click here Finds duplicated files by comparing bytes, ignoring names and dates.

Looks like I deleted it while having a clean out. The link is working again now.

  Taw® 18:47 12 Mar 05

€dstowe and Pesala many thanks for such a quick response

  Pesala 18:56 12 Mar 05

The authors of Duplocator stopped development on it and retired some while back, that's why I put their freeware on my own webspace. Their domain has now gone too.

  Modo 19:01 12 Mar 05

Ace Utilities does a reasonable job.

Where they all fall down in my experience is on music files. For some reason the versions on compilation CD's nearly always have slight differences - track name, file size etc etc - and you end up having to seek them out manually.

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