File download warning.

  Sparkly 14:22 02 Nov 07

Hi all eacch time i return to the forum page i keep getting a File Download Warning Box pop up and was wondering if it was happening to anyone else this is what it reads.
File download warning.
Type...JS Script File.
With the option to Run Save or Cancel.
Obviously ive choosen cancel but does anyone else have it happening???

  crosstrainer 14:35 02 Nov 07

Here, where is your mouse pointing on the page?

  Sparkly 14:42 02 Nov 07

Hi crosstrainer the mouse is hovering on the center of the page this time it poped up when the page loaded after clicking on the thread to see your answer the page had loaded and a few secons later up it comes.

  Technotiger 14:44 02 Nov 07

I believe that is a normal Pop-up Ad, there are several within the PCA pages, just move your mouse over other highlighted things like for instance whenever a name like Asus is mentioned and a similar window will pop-up advertising the laptops.

  Technotiger 14:47 02 Nov 07

Forgot to mention, it happens when you hover over a word printed in Green.

  crosstrainer 14:48 02 Nov 07

Only rarely, and still cant get the one you mention, the popup blocker takes care of most. From your post I'm guessing that this is an ad from Creative?

  crosstrainer 14:51 02 Nov 07

If typing creative sound cards gives the green lettering Technotiger is refering to (I really should get out more!)

  Sparkly 14:52 02 Nov 07

Technotiger i have ran the mouse over the green words and see the ads as you say this box that pops up is a windows looking box with the blue bar at the top, but i will watch where the mouse is for a bit.
Thanks for the reply.

  Sparkly 14:53 02 Nov 07

crosstrainer actually i was on creatives website about an hour ago.

  Technotiger 14:54 02 Nov 07

I did see the Creative Ad earlier, but I can't remember which thread it appeared in. It does not happen with all instances of brand names, just in some - those printed in Green. Look around the threads and you will see more.

  Sparkly 14:55 02 Nov 07

Technotiger thanks will do

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