File Copying Between Computers

  dogbreath1 14:02 19 Mar 12

Acer TravelMate 230 XP Pro

I'm trying to copy some Corel Draw backup files from the above machine. It doesn't have a wireless card, no CD writer and supports USB 1 only. It does have a floppy drive but I'm trying to avoid using it because of the amount of data that needs to be transferred.

It doesn't recognise USB flash drives.

Any ideas as to how to get at this data would be welcome.

  mgmcc 14:11 19 Mar 12

Does it have a network adapter? If so, the simplest way would be to set the folder containing the files you want to transfer as "shared" and then access it from the second computer.

To connect the computers, you could either connect both of them to your router or connect them directly "network adapter to network adapter" using a crossover ethernet cable.

  KRONOS the First 14:49 19 Mar 12

Install Dropbox on both machines then place the files in your Dropbox account on the PC that has them and they will be available to you via your second PC.


  dogbreath1 15:04 19 Mar 12

Thanks for the replies.

It does have a network adapter (Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC) and this might be the best way to go. The USB sockets appear unresponsive.

Also, there are device errors showing on PCI Modem, PCMCIA & Flash memory devices (M-Systems DiscOnChip 2000) and Ports (COM & LPT), specifically, Multiport Communications Ports, COM 3 & COM 4.

I'll give the network option a go. Cheers.

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