File copying anomaly?

  cruachan 11:14 11 Oct 04

After using Second Copy for backup very happily, I've come across an odd problem with one big directory of 28k files. Second Copy will backup 27,351 happily, and then says it can't create the files after that point. There are 2k files it won't copy, all with names at the end of the alphabet. Also, the problem seems to relate only to html files. SC copies image files, text files, acrobat files etc quite happily, right through the alphabet. It just stops somewhere in the middle of the files labelled "u***" and refuses to go on.

This is not a SC problem. It may be an XP problem. XP won't drag and drop these files either, helpfully telling me that it can't do so.

I'm at a complete loss to explain this. Anybody got any ideas?

Incidentally, Second Copy is definitely my favourite backup method. Anybody got a better one?


Mike Edwards

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