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  eccomputers 23:10 30 Jan 03

I have an EDI file that contains a lot of data I need to use for automatic posting into an accounts package. However, the data in this EDI file is a continual string, one long record. Does anyone know of a utility I can use to convert this into an asci file broken down into equal record lengths that I can specify?

  DieSse 01:55 31 Jan 03

Data in all files is one long continuous string - that's all a file is.

So do you mean you want to split the file into many files - or do you mean you want the file in a different format, suitable for a different purpose.

If the former - there are file splitting utilities.

If the latter (which is what I think you mean) - then it's unlikely, but possible. I would assume that the existing file and what you would like to turn it into, are both database formats. In which case you need to specify both the existing, and the desired format, before anyone could look to find a conversion utility. By format, I mean for which database - ie is it now in (eg) dBaseIII and needs converting to (eg) Access.

  jazzypop 10:23 31 Jan 03
  eccomputers 10:26 31 Jan 03

there are no carriage returns in the data string.
This means when you open it up into any package, you only get a single line about 3 miles long.

  jazzypop 10:43 31 Jan 03

Which is precisely why you need an EDI parser that can recognise the record delimiters (first link and third link), and why you need to understand the EDI file format in order to use a parser successfully (second link).

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