fifa world cup 06 problems

  martd77 19:36 07 Jun 06

has anyone had this problem that i encounter only with ea sports games?
when running the game after bout 10 mins it minimises onto the desktop,clicking on it resumes the game.
I have this problem with tiger woods 05,fifa 06 and fifa world cup 06
PC spec:
p4 2.4
1gb ram
nvidia 6600gt video card
gigabyte ga8pe667 motherboard
soundblster audigy sound card
2x80gb hds

I have done several things that other forums have advised on but to no avail,bought a new card,replaced the onboard sound with the sb audigy,updated drivers etc

ive emailed ea sports numerous times as this has gone on for 15 months but i get the standard "update the drivers"

  ?. 19:51 07 Jun 06

do you have norton by any chance?

  mattyc_92 19:52 07 Jun 06

Operating System?
Any programs running in the background (MSN is known for this sort of stuff)?

  Jimmy14 20:09 07 Jun 06

Why are you suggesting Norton when it is to do with a game?

Why not suggest the other basic versions of free under featured anti-viruses such as avg or avast?

  ?. 20:11 07 Jun 06

I am suggesting norton as the problem.

when I had it, this problem occured no my games, however once I had got rid of Norton, the probelm vanished!!

  Mark McC 20:19 07 Jun 06

i think your problems on norton should vanish as well because i have that game plus other games as a matter of fact i minimize all my games like

Toca Race Driver 3
Need For Speed MostWanted
Over The Hedge Game

all at the same time with no performance lag on my P4HTT System 3.40Ghz WITH NORTON RUNNING so why dont you vanish!!!!!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:41 07 Jun 06

Programs can minimise when another program, usually one that runs in the background (like Norton), takes excessive control of the cpu, for instance to check for updates.

So have a careful look at all programs running in your system tray.

  martd77 14:21 08 Jun 06

os is winxp pro with sevice pack 2 and updates ,no i do not have norton,i have avg but that is turned off,there is nothing running on the taskbar and my internet connection is also turned off,i dont use msn.
Anyone else suggest anything,i stress it is only ea sports games that suffer

  B1nary 15:55 08 Jun 06

agreeing in part with fruit Bat.. programs running in background.. try terminating background resources you dont need.

in the task manager>processes, organize the processes by USER NAME and end the processes for anything under your name EXCEPT EXPLORER.EXE and TASKMGR.EXE.

  B1nary 15:58 08 Jun 06

...forgot to add..Do not close any processes running under SYSTEM, LOCAL SERVICE, or NETWORK SERVICE...

  martd77 16:10 08 Jun 06

ok done that,closed all processes under my name 12 in all, ran fifa wc2006 for 20 mins then it mimimised again to the taskbar!

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