A Few Month's ago "BROADBAND"

  Smegs 20:36 27 Apr 04

Hello all. A Few Month's ago "BROADBAND", someone posted a Discussion on Freeserve broadband, and how you could get it for around £19:99. I have seached for the discussion and I can't find it or remember what it was called. Can anyone remember it. Thankyou, Shaun.

  Daz35 20:55 27 Apr 04

I think the thread was to do with the fact that someone was going to move ISP's from Freeserve to somewhere else (Tiscali maybe) and they went right to the cancellation procedure and at the last minute before the contract was cancelled with Freeserve, the customer service rep said they were authorised to offer the same speed for £19.99. Unless you were talking about something else comletely different, in which case just ignore me!

  deadneat 20:57 27 Apr 04
  Smegs 20:59 27 Apr 04

Daz35, we are on about the same thing. It explained what code you needed, but I can't remember. I have seen 1mbit for 27:50 amonth, we are paying £27:99 on freeserve for 512. Can you remember what the thread was called???

  Smegs 21:02 27 Apr 04

deadneat, thanks for that. Nice reading.

  Djohn 21:02 27 Apr 04

click here This is the thread you refer to Smegs. j.

  Daz35 21:06 27 Apr 04

The code you are talking it about is some kind of cancellation code along the same lines of a PAC code you get if you change mobile phone airtime providers, but I'm pretty sure when get to that stage they are authorised to offer the new deal. I can't remember what the thread was called - sorry. £27.99 seems a good deal for 1mbit, although I'm on NTL 600 (soon to be 770K by all accounts)for £24.99, so the question is, is the extra 230K worth an extra £3 a month?

  Smegs 21:10 27 Apr 04

Djohn, thankyou so much. Thats the one. Daz35, thats the question, only you can answer. Thanks everybody for your time. Shaun

  Daz35 21:10 27 Apr 04

OK, I'll type all that and then Djohn beats me to it with the original thread! I think I'll go and have a lie down!

  Djohn 21:18 27 Apr 04

Sorry Daz :o(

  jimv7 21:36 27 Apr 04

Just in case you require it. F9 do a b/b connection for £19.99

click here

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