rickf 14:34 01 May 04

Hi All,
I have never had to do this but feeling totally stupid and stumped at the moment. I have done a document set out in A4 in Word 2000 the way I finally want it. I have just discovered that it needs to be in A5 format as the receipient needs it like that. How do I resize it from A4 to A5? Otherwise, I'll have to do the whole document again. Its to be sent by email to the receipient.

  rickf 14:42 01 May 04

Anyone knows how?

  Bramblerose 14:47 01 May 04

Try File > Page Set up> Paper Size and change it to A5, you may need to reformat the text size and the margins

  rickf 14:54 01 May 04

Thanks Bramble rose. I did that and the text got all jumbled up. I was hoping that there's a more straight forward way, but I guess not.

  Yokel 14:57 01 May 04

Can you not just create a new document with page setup as A5 and then copy and paste (edit - select all - copy etc. ) all of the content of the A4 document, or have I misunderstood ? No doubt some layout will suffer and need rehashing but I guess it would even with an automatic method if such exists.

  rickf 15:22 01 May 04

Thanks all, guess I'll have to do some more work.
Will close this now.

  dave h 16:28 01 May 04

My Printer (HP Deskjet 720C) allows me to 'Scale to paper size' in it's 'Zoom' option. There I can scale an A4 to Fit to A5...

Perhaps you have something sinmilar in your Printer properties?

  rickf 16:54 01 May 04

Thanks, Yes I have but printing to A5 is not the prob. here. Its reducing to send as required by the other. I have now scanned the A5, save it to word, edit and all's well. Rather tedious but got there in the end. I was trying to avoid this but it seems there is no way around it.

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