feedback from web page

  fzappa 17:04 30 Mar 03

Hi; I've designed a web page and need to get feedback from users via an online form. To do this I've used the form method=post action=mailto:my email address>instruction but all this does is to produce the Outlook Express window with none of the info in it from the form. Can anyone help?

  « Ravin » 19:19 30 Mar 03

hmm maybe not what you are looking for but go click here and you can create a guest book for your site..then you add the link to your site and visitors can leave their feed back

  MAJ 20:12 30 Mar 03

Hi fzappa, it's a feedback form you need. If your ISP doesn't supply one (some do), try this site, I've never used this one but it's a variation on a theme. click here

  Taran 22:07 30 Mar 03

Can you tell us who your ISP is ?

Most ISP's have ready to use scripts with all of the relevant settings that you simply copy and paste into your document. All you do is add your own email address.

I can walk you through creating your own form, but if your ISP has scripts available, it would be simpler and probably quicker to do it this way.

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