Feedback Needed

  Skizz 08 Oct 10

Still needs some work but here it is for all to look at click here

It's a job search site built using entirely recycled hardware and run by volunteers. If nothing else please spread the word about us.


  AndySD 10 Oct 10


I like the overall look clean and white as I like sites to look, just a few things though

I also dislike the jumping menu (but that is just my preference)

It takes ages to render in Opera.

The boxes to fill in jar with the rest of the site. try a different surround and text colour.

  Forum Editor 10 Oct 10

but I'm sure you realise that.

One of my pet hates is spelling and grammatical errors and you have them scattered through the site. A very quick look at a couple of pages revealed:

"todays" (today's)

"renumiration" (remuneration)

"recieve" (receive)

"barnett" (barnet)

"your all done" (you're all done)

The fact that I found those in a minute or less leads me to think there will be more. It's unprofessional, and I advise a thorough text check.


Your job search email alert form page takes far too long to load.

Ditto the 'forum and chat' link

Like the others, I dislike the fact that the menu bar slides all over the place on mouseover. There's no practical point to it, so better not to have it. The art of good web design - at least where commercial sites are concerned - is encapsulated in the phrase "keep it simple" You have a good look in terms of colour/font/spaces; don't add graphics needlessly.

The overall look is undoubtedly good, however. Pay attention to the detail, and think about navigation - where's the 'Home' link on the menu bar? - and you'll have a very nice site indeed.

  Skizz 10 Oct 10

Thankyou all for the feedback thus far, some changes are going to be made over the following week (never did like that menu).

Yes, I know the typo errors are sloppy, the focus up to now has been getting the nuts and bolts of the server side scripting working.

Some browser issues still to sort out (CSS3 was used) and IE struggles with it.

  Forum Editor 10 Oct 10

Actually, in IE9 it loads a lot faster for me. I didn't immediately spot any browser problems.


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