Feedback form problem??

  sugarbabe 12:40 PM 09 May 10

click here

when i fill out on my laptop it works. when customers try to complete they click on submit and nothing happens??

I can't work out what problem is???

  sugarbabe 17:36 PM 09 May 10

Nothing comes up when i click here

  sugarbabe 17:57 PM 09 May 10

i've removed the other </form>

Can you tell me if it now working. And why is it always working for me and no one else???

  sugarbabe 21:32 PM 09 May 10

i'm a bit lost with it all to be honest.

The enquiry form is working so i copied that as a new page and added more boxes.

It was working for about a day or so and have no idea how to fix it

  sugarbabe 09:28 AM 10 May 10

Hi i've made some changes to script i can't tell if i've solved problem as it works for me anyway.

Could someone please check for me??

  sugarbabe 09:42 AM 10 May 10

still not working

I like the idea of copying enquiry page and then adding boxes bit by bit but the form works for me anyway so i cannot tell.

Any other suggestions??

  sugarbabe 12:32 PM 10 May 10

Heartinternet who host the website have tested the form and it works ok for them.

Casnnot understand why not working for customers.

When they click the submit button nothing happens

  sugarbabe 09:13 AM 11 May 10

I can get form to work on google chrome and internet explorer 8. I'm interested to know what version ie people using when doesn't work.

Whether it could be that??

  sugarbabe 09:38 AM 11 May 10

Put new form on with some of content.

Can you tell me if it works please?

click here

  Fermat's Theorem 16:08 PM 11 May 10

a dummy form, pressed submit and got a "thank you for your enquiry" page up.

Hope this helps :-)

  svanallen 04:07 AM 23 Jun 10

Curious if this is fixed what you found the issue to be - if not.. well lets fix it lol


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