Fdisk on XP and NTFS

  DocP 12:58 13 Jan 05

I wish to install a second 80Gb hard drive on my Win XP Professional machine. I've done lots of similar installations under W98.

Hoever, I want to use NTFS (which is what my primary drive uses), but can't find an XP utility like FDisk. Microsoft talk about using Windows Setup - but so far as I can establish this is on the installation Cd, and looks to me like it will try to do all sorts of other things I don't want.

Is there an XP Fdisk or similar?

Any help appreciated

thanks - Philip

  bazb 13:06 13 Jan 05

you should be able to do it within "My Computer", just right click on the drive.

  TomJerry 13:25 13 Jan 05

you will find you can do what you want to do there

  €dstowe 13:28 13 Jan 05

If your new drive has no formatting at all, install the drive into the machine then: RIGHT click on My Computer -> Manage -> Disk Management. Your new drive should have a letter but say "unallocated". RIGHT click on the drive either in the listing or in the graphic and click on Format in the dropdown. Follow the instructions given.

  wobblymike 16:19 13 Jan 05

If you want to use a utility to do this first identify the manufacturer of your new hard drive and go to their nweb site and download the appropriate disc management utility e.g, maxtor drives use Maxblast which will format your drive in NTFS as quick as a flash. Post back if you need chapter and verse.

  DocP 17:49 13 Jan 05

I had no idea there was a Manage option on My Computer (or I'd ignored it). It had everything I needed for formatting and partitioning.

Why on earth doesn't XP help or a search of Microsoft.com tell me about it!!

Oh for the days when software came with a half-decent instruction manual...

Many thanks


  badgery 08:17 02 Feb 05


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