GeeWizzz 21:15 15 Jan 03
  GeeWizzz 21:15 15 Jan 03

I am adding another hard drive to my PC which runs on Win98. The original HD (1) is partitioned as follows: Primary C: Logicals D: E: and F:

When I Fdisk the new hard drive (2) it insists on making it D: and any logical drive on it E: and as a result changes D: E: and F: to follow on, which could cause havoc.

What I want is the drive letters on (2) to follow on from one.

HELP please


(I don't remember having this problem ona previous PC)

  WaTcHiNg 21:22 15 Jan 03

Your new disk is set up with a primary partition.
Your drive letter sare assigned as follows;
primary partition disk 1 = c
primary partition disk 2 = d
extended/logical partitions on disk 1 = e, f
extended/logical partitions on disk 2 = g, h

Select the new disk
Delete the primary partition
Create a new extended partition
Create logical disks within the new extended partition (or leave it all as one)

This will ensure that the drive letters follow on.

  Switcher 21:27 15 Jan 03

I have same problem With one disk in service which has two partions C and D. If I then put second disk in service as slave it becomes D and OLD D becomes E.

So this appears to be normal and it could be confusing and lead to problems. Sorry I don't know how to cure it.

  GeeWizzz 21:42 15 Jan 03

I appreciate what you are saying but when I Fdisk a logical drive HD 2 or D: it makes it E: and changes the Logical drives on HD 1 to follow it (ie) F:, G: and H:

  WaTcHiNg 21:49 15 Jan 03

Make sure that you have the jumpers on your first disk to 'Master' and on the second disk 'Slave'.

your original disk may be set to 'Master-No slave'

  GeeWizzz 22:05 15 Jan 03

Thanks WaTcHiNg- things not quite as I would like but better. Jumpers OK but what I was doing which you I think spotted was making a primary on both drives rather than an extended on the 2nd

  flecc 00:11 16 Jan 03

You can assign any letter to any hard drive partition with Vadim Bortyansky's Drive Letter Assigner, it's a small and free program from:-

click here

Names the drives too, if you wish. Easy to use.

  Switcher 01:48 16 Jan 03

Thanks for info - very useful little utility

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