MAGGX 21:48 20 Jun 04

Hi all.
Ive got broadbandand useing xp pro. Ive set so I can use faxing. Everything is as it should br ie correct windows open in fax wizard but when I try to send a fax to a remote fax unit it pops out of my fax and not at the remote fax.
Any body got an answer
Thanks MAGGX

  Al94 21:51 20 Jun 04

The simple answer is that you can't use fax wizard to send faxes via broadband. Fax is analogue, broadband uses digital technology. You will need to retain your dial up modem for fax transmissio, There is software available to sent faxes via the web but I understand this can be a costly option as it is usually by subscription.

  sicknote 21:56 20 Jun 04

This is free but very limited click here

  MAGGX 21:58 20 Jun 04

So how do I send faxs? What if any do I disconnect Now Microsoft [email protected] say anything about this.

  sicknote 22:01 20 Jun 04

Do you have a modem and a fone line ???

  MAGGX 22:03 20 Jun 04

I'll try this if all fails but I would like to keep my own nuber Good advise thanks again

  MAGGX 22:07 20 Jun 04

hi yes I have a modem in the PC which connects to the phone line. I think the pc came with a built in one

  sicknote 22:10 20 Jun 04

Nomally the modem comes with fax software or you find someother fax software and use that,then it's just like making a fone call, you send fax via the modem and recieve via modem

  sicknote 22:11 20 Jun 04

Try Here click here

  MAGGX 22:23 20 Jun 04

Sorry for being a pain.
Ive looked at the down loads you said and its a nightmare.
Do I down load any of these and when I've done that can I use the faxing wizard like normal?
I'm not so advanced as you guys.
But please keep trying with me.

  MAGGX 22:28 20 Jun 04

If broadband is digital why do I get a copy on an anolouge fax-mine? I dont understand

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