Faxing with XP2

  geedad 11:22 22 Aug 08

Is it possible to send and receive faxes in Windows XP SP2, without incurring charges?

  DieSse 11:31 22 Aug 08

Basically no. Sending a fax is a standard telephone call via your modem - just like sending a fax from a fax machine.

There are a number of services which allow you to "fax" over broadband - you email, then the service changes it to a fax for delivery. These are normally chargeable (but lower rates than long-distance faxes, and in some cases flat rates, which is good if you need to send lots of faxes), but have some free trials.

google for free faxing

  geedad 11:53 22 Aug 08

Thanks - once again!

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