Faxing Dial up modem & broadband

  Confused! 14:46 05 Dec 04

I am using XP home and sucessfully received and sent faxes before I went broadband. I understand that I have to use the internal dial up modem for faxes and have connected it to the phone line. The dial up modem says it is working correctly but it doesn't seem to dial and therefore will not send faxes. Is it a port thing? some where is says it is on port 3 but I cannot see port 3 listed in device manager. Please help.

  Totally-braindead 15:01 05 Dec 04

Are you sure the program you are trying to use is set up to use the modem, it sounds like the program is trying to use the Broadband connection which as you know won't work. Check your settings for the program and make sure it isn't trying to use the Broadband.

  Diemmess 16:44 05 Dec 04

Had much the same trouble not too long ago when after some time with BB, needed to send a fax.

I think I got it working by "leading the software by the hand" somewhere, and telling it that its port was com3. the software searched for a modem again it found it! The software (SuperVoice) was originally bundled with the modem but had ceased to work once BB was flavour of the month.

With XP you probably won't need any special software I think, just take it though a fresh dialup modem setup procedure.

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