fax progs

  snooker 13:14 09 Jan 03
  snooker 13:14 09 Jan 03

Since reformatting i cant find my Supervoice Fax CD to reinstall the programme.
Can anyone suggest a good freeby to use instead.

  _Treb_ 13:24 09 Jan 03

Hi, I have a spare copy of Supervoice. If your happy to pay postage I'll send it.

  Stuartli 13:36 09 Jan 03

Why not try Windows Messaging and Fax?

Just like Outlook Express in layout and operation and very easy to use.

You'll find wms.exe and Awfax.exe on your Windows 98 CD-ROM - it could well even be on 95.

  Stuartli 13:38 09 Jan 03


There's also a 5.6MB freebie version of CallCenter which has all the bells and whistles if you want them.

  Foolsbane_1 14:24 09 Jan 03

I believe this is the application Stuartli is referring to. I downloaded and installed this some time ago but I am ashamed to admit that I reverted to Supervoice rather than familiarise myself with all the functions available in CallCenter.

If you are not so deplorably lazy as me, and don't mind a little nag-screen, this will surely do everything that you want.

click here

  snooker 14:33 09 Jan 03

Thanks guys.

nice offer Treb.

I'll check out Call Centre and mayu be back.

Thanks again.

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