fax problem

  northy 20:59 05 May 03

my fax modem will not work with my usb printer, my printer has no parralell port, can i get a change addapter for my usb lead and will it work ,can some one please help.
p.s. all the softwear for the fax is installed ok .

  _Treb_ 21:15 05 May 03

Isn't there an option in your fax software to tell it which printer port to write to. Ie instead of LPT1 write to something like USBPRN01

  DieSse 21:45 05 May 03

I don't quite understand what you mean - you can't print a fax? - This will not be because your printer is USB instead of parallel.

Is it that you have a USB modem and a USB printer - and you are saying you can't have them both plugged in and working together?

What exactly is it - and in what way don't they work together?

  northy 22:09 05 May 03

internal modem/fax is installed ,no conflics,and usb printer is conected ,no coflicts, but it wont print faxes recieved. will try treb, option , see what happens

  DieSse 22:16 05 May 03

What fax software are you using please.

  woodchip 22:26 05 May 03

How do you send a Fax? Normal way is to create Fax in your Word Processor click print then choose the Fax printer from the drop down box. Where your normal default printer is showing

  rins36 22:34 05 May 03


Out of interest are u on Broadband?

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