Fax Via Broadband

  Cesar 10:10 22 May 03

If any forumite has successfully sent a fax from their computer Using Broadband, would they please explain the procedure.

  Xevious 10:27 22 May 03

do a search for "fax and broadband" but here is a link to the same topic discussed recently

click here

  anchor 12:21 22 May 03

The post referred to by Xevios explains it fully.

The short reply is NO. You will need to use an ordinary 56k dial-up modem, connected to a phone line, in combinaion with a fax programme such as WinFax.

  deadneat 12:43 22 May 03

Try this free fax click here

  graham√ 14:00 22 May 03

OK Gang, we can now fax over Broadband - it works! Thanks, deadneat.

  otubby1 14:26 22 May 03

Don't want to sound like a stick in the mud, BUT... what if you want to send something of a delicate nature? And I'm not talking about the obvious!

What I mean is, a personal or corporate thing. The server gets to see it!

  anchor 09:13 23 May 03

The link provided by deadneat works OK.

However, it was disappointing to see that the fax is received just like a text message. Any formatting and style is lost. Plus, a large advert is included.

For the cost of the phone call, I will stick with WinFax.

  otubby1 13:17 23 May 03

Before I install it, has anybody any experience with the fax facility built into Windows XP?

  anchor 13:33 23 May 03


I have never used the Windows XP fax, (I don`t have XP), but from a posting here last year it seems as though there might be problems.

click here

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