FAX for Broadband ?

  johnpalmer 11:11 20 Jul 07

I have had my PC from new, and did not have a normal dial-up modem installed, as I have had broadband for a few years.

If it is possible, how do I send faxes using my inbuilt XP fax software through the BT broadband modem.

Previously, I have had the dial-up modem as well, and have sent faxes via this, listening to all the bleeping and squeaking when the connection is made.

Any thoughts ?

  pj123 11:59 20 Jul 07

Can't be done. You need a dial-up modem.

I am on BB but still have an analogue installed, just to send faxes. For incoming faxes I have an account with Trinite (now Nildram) I think. It costs £23 per year and all incoming faxes go into my normal email inbox.

  Stuartli 12:29 20 Jul 07

You can normally turn a dialup modem's volume off.

Dialup modems cost buttons these days (surprise, surprise!), so it might be worth acquiring one again for fax purposes.

An alternative is to use a fax to e-mail/e-mail to fax service.

  Furkin 12:02 02 Dec 07

I've just tried:


Where my question marks are, you input your recipients name (or anything) @ (fax number)

Am waiting for the fax's now & will report back.

  johnnyrocker 12:04 02 Dec 07

it was resolved how?


  Furkin 12:45 02 Dec 07

It looks like you have to go to their site to send your fax,,,,, as just putting - “remote-printer.???@????????.iddd.tpc.int” - into the ‘send to’ box doesn’t work.

The quality of the print is extremely bad. My initial hopes were for better quality, what with using Digital etc. Of course, this system converts analogue to digital, so what might start out as good, soon deteriorates.
If you send a test message of a few digits, the recipient gets 2 pages. The first is the Third partiesA4 sized ‘advert’ which I assume is why they allow Free conversions.
The 2nd page is then your message.
After giving it a whirl - I won’t be using it I’m afraid.
Too clumsy,,, terrible quality & two pages for a line of message.
It might suit others tho’,,,, maybe in an emergency.

I’m surprised in this day & age, that someone hasn’t come up with decent B.B/Digital Faxing

I’ll be sticking to analogue for a bit longer.

Cheers all

  johnnyrocker 13:17 02 Dec 07

another less than helpful cross posting


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