muffin1947 09:04 04 Oct 06

I have been told that I can fax using my computer.Does anyone out there know how I start off and what is the procedure.Please note that this is new to me and the directions/instructions would need to be simple.I am using xp Professional

  terryf 09:14 04 Oct 06

To start you off, c;ick on an empty part of desktop and press f1 then type fax in search box

  terryf 09:15 04 Oct 06

sorry c;ick should obviously be click

  anchor 13:06 04 Oct 06

Have a look here:

click here

click here

  Stuartli 13:16 04 Oct 06

Firstly you need a dialup modem.

Secondly XP, like all previous versions of Windows, has an excellent and simple to use fax program now known as the Fax Console.

It can be installed from Add/Remove Windows Components (Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs).

  Stuartli 13:17 04 Oct 06

Also see this current thread:

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