Fred05 23:06 27 Mar 07

When you go to your favorites and the list appears it has its title, but next to is a sign / icon / ident. Each of these are different but i have just run a defrag and they are all the same 'e'.
How can i get the individual signs / icons back?

  bennyhillslovechild 23:26 27 Mar 07

Those icons are called 'favicons.' They are stored in the Temporary Internet Files and when you either clear those or when the file is full and begins eliminating old files by itself, they vanish and are replaced in the Favorites by the generic icon.
While it's possible to save them from the temp files, it's a bit of a pain for something so relatively minor. There's a free program click here
that should restore them for you. (they may well vanish again next time you clear out the temp files/cache at which point run the prog again. Hope this helps :)

  Fred05 23:29 27 Mar 07

Thanks Bennyhillslovechild.
If it something that is going to happen alot then it is probably not worth the hassle as it has no affect to the running the computer, but it least i have the answer and cure.

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