Favicon for PC Advisor

  Graham. 11:18 28 Sep 08

What about a competition to design one?

  Chris the Ancient 11:27 28 Sep 08

It already shows one on my pc

  Graham. 11:39 28 Sep 08

My IE7 is on the blink again.

  Forum Editor 11:47 28 Sep 08

to design the present favicon.

  Sea Urchin 11:51 28 Sep 08

My PCA favicon only shows in Firefox, but not in IE7 - it just shows the IE icon. Can I do anything to change it?

  Graham. 19:44 28 Sep 08

It shows in Firefox and Opera, but not IE.

  MAJ 20:01 28 Sep 08

IE is funny with favicons, some it will show, some it wont, some it will show for a short time, some it will always show, especially in the Links bar or in the Favourites folder.

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