Faulty RAM module?

  slickers 15:09 20 Nov 03

I have just bought a 128 mb RAM upgrade for my old laptop, but it is only recognising it as 64mb. I have tried it in both slots, and when put in together with my old 32mb card, it shows a total of 96mb. The computer works fine, but I'm a bit miffed I only got half what I paid for. Is the chip faulty (can only half of it work?), or is there something else I need to do on the computer to recognise the full 128mb?
Running Fujitsu Liteline, 450mhz, with XP pro (hence the need to upgrade the RAM). According to the manual it will take upto 2 x 128mb cards.

  madPentium 15:17 20 Nov 03

If the memory is definitely 128mb and not 64mb, then it isnt being addressed correctly. It is either faulty or the wrong type for your machine.

  M@rk E 15:27 20 Nov 03

you may need to check the manual for the specs, as one of my laptops can only see 2 modules of 48mb


M@rk E

  slickers 15:57 21 Nov 03

Have now received a reply from the supplier who state that the module I have is high-density (generic), where my laptop only accepts low density. Apparently in these circumstances it only registers half the RAM value.

Thanks for the replies.

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