K*B 15:33 10 Jan 13

Hello Friends, I have an 8GB (7.44GB) Kingston Flash drive with many files and folders saved on it. I have been using these files and folders quite a lot using my laptop. This morning I used the flash driver to do a presentation using another pc somewhere else. Strangely, when I returned home and put the same flash drive in the USB port of my laptop, all the many folders were gone! I couldn't see even 1 of them! I scanned the Kingston flash drive using AVAST software, scanned it again and fixed found errors using the facility in Vista Home basic; I still couldn't see my folders! I checked the free and used spaces on the flash drive and found that there is 3.61GB used space and 3.83GB free space. Only a few files on the flash drive whose sizes add up to 13.5MB are seen on the monitor! Where could all the folders and other files be hiding? How can I recover them? Please help.

  wiz-king 15:37 10 Jan 13

You may be able to see/copy the files using Recuva but it sounds like the stick is defunct.


  SillBill 15:39 10 Jan 13

You could try one of the many programs which recover files which have been deleted. Not saying yours have been deleted but its worth a shot.

  K*B 11:21 12 Jan 13

Thanks wiz-king. I have used Recuva to see all the files I couldn't see on my memory stick. However, they were all listed as "unrecoverable" except 6 files which were listed as "excellent". I therefore saved these 6 good files to another drive. Since I would have no use for the unrecoverable files, I reformatted the memory stick and started using it all over again. Thanks for your help.

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