K*B 10 Jan 13

Hello Friends, I have an 8GB (7.44GB) Kingston Flash drive with many files and folders saved on it. I have been using these files and folders quite a lot using my laptop. This morning I used the flash driver to do a presentation using another pc somewhere else. Strangely, when I returned home and put the same flash drive in the USB port of my laptop, all the many folders were gone! I couldn't see even 1 of them! I scanned the Kingston flash drive using AVAST software, scanned it again and fixed found errors using the facility in Vista Home basic; I still couldn't see my folders! I checked the free and used spaces on the flash drive and found that there is 3.61GB used space and 3.83GB free space. Only a few files on the flash drive whose sizes add up to 13.5MB are seen on the monitor! Where could all the folders and other files be hiding? How can I recover them? Please help.

  wiz-king 10 Jan 13

You may be able to see/copy the files using Recuva but it sounds like the stick is defunct.


  SillBill 10 Jan 13

You could try one of the many programs which recover files which have been deleted. Not saying yours have been deleted but its worth a shot.

  K*B 12 Jan 13

Thanks wiz-king. I have used Recuva to see all the files I couldn't see on my memory stick. However, they were all listed as "unrecoverable" except 6 files which were listed as "excellent". I therefore saved these 6 good files to another drive. Since I would have no use for the unrecoverable files, I reformatted the memory stick and started using it all over again. Thanks for your help.


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